Looking for a suitable meal delivery without limits?

Take away and delivery food at home is booming.  The first impression is extremely important and the packaging is the first thing your customer sees.  The customer expects the food in a clean and leak-free packaging, as hot and fresh as possible.

With the GO!mealbox you ensure that there is the maximum unpacking experience for the customer at the table.  All your tasty dishes will then reach the customer in perfect condition. The applications for this packaging are endless eg:  Sushi, Pasta, Noodles, Salads, Burgers or Spare Ribs.  The GO!mealbox is therefore suitable for all types of dishes with or without sauce.

The choice is yours then to ultimately use the GO!mealbox to maximize the customers taste experience.

Innovative one-stop packaging shop

We are Fonkels, a one-stop-shop for innovative packaging.  We believe in cardboard as a sustainable raw material because it comes from renewable sources and is recycled for more than 90%. We use FSC-certified material to stimulate sustainable forest management .  As a young company we work together with experts in the field of materials and resources and for example with our production partners.

By combining this knowledge with our passion to design new products and push boundaries, we continuously create new solutions for our customers.  Solutions which are rewarded with International Awards.  Fonkels was chosen in the top 10 of most innovative companies in the Netherlands in 2019 and won the European Innovation Award in 2020.

Contribute to a better world

There isn’t a sustainable solution for home delivery packaging on the market than the GO! Mealbox.  It consists of recycled cardboard with a greaseproof paper liner.  This makes it a suitable packaging for various dishes, but it also ensures optimal recycling.

Due to increased home delivery the amount of waste is also increasing.  Every year waste that mainly consists of plastic or polystyrene is  therefore not at all or rarely recycled.  The GO!mealbox on the other hand is a completely circular solution. Fonkels is building a more sustainable world through innovative packaging and conscious choices.

Take the next step with us and choose the GO!mealbox.

Carbon footprints reduced
Kilos of plastic waste saved

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Are you looking for sustainable meal boxes for your dishes? Do you think the GO! Mealbox is an option for you, but do you have doubts about the sizes or do you simply want to give them a try? Request a sample via the button below. Test the sample and let us know!

Test it and share your experiences

Switch to the GO! Mealbox and order the meal boxes that are ideal for your restaurant. Gain your own experiences and especially ask your customers for their feedback. We appreciate it when you share your experiences with us. In this way we can further improve the meal boxes.

Less plastic waste starts with one box

By making your packaging more sustainable, you contribute to a world with less plastic waste. Every little bit helps, every box is a start.

Are you convinced of the GO! Mealbox?

Take a look at the other products in our webshop. Help reduce plastic waste and contribute to the reduction of waste in general. Do you have any questions? Let us know.

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